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2010-04-24 21:32:55 by kirbyky100

Late as always....but its finshed! check it!



2010-04-11 21:06:47 by kirbyky100

Guess wat guys? my fighting animation will be done by either 2marrw or the next day! i got ALOT of animating done today........nd theres going to be a special advertisement at the end of my flash for a certain someone wit an achieving series.....stay tuned! THIS FLASH WILL B MY BEST ND I TOOK ALOT OF EFFORT TO MAKE IT! plz no criticism, there are a few things out of place, when i say few i mean bout like 3 things....there not really noticeable though.......the only thing i have to learn to do bettr is how to take great shoots wit the V-cam......STAY TUNED

Coming Productions

2010-03-17 20:58:32 by kirbyky100

Hey guys, wat did u think i left? hah hell nah! yes i am still working on my series.....slowly but shurely....Right now im working on the dialogue (can u say boring as shit? lol) so i set aside a little break to make a flash showing my fighting animation skills, nd im quite amazed of how its turning out so far....but atm, im making some recolored sprites of my own, its a pain in the ass! but all will b worth it after my lovely production is finshed! :], i wont fail to amaze u guys this time! over the months ive studied some of the professional spriters work (aka, Alvin, Shadefalcon, Marnic) if it wasnt for them, i would so suck right now at flash! thx guys!

but anyway, this fighting project i became working on during my Skool suspention looks pretty damn good so far! it will prob b my best work! so stay tuned! i might get it out in a few weeks/months! no promises!

Emerald Steath part 3

2009-12-23 20:58:40 by kirbyky100

Progress is going slim, it looks rather promising so far, but is far from done!

Id say bout 5% done?

srry for the delay

2009-11-23 20:08:16 by kirbyky100

after weeks i finally decided to work on my 1st part of emerld steath last week, its now finshed, but is having a problem, i have to split it into 2 parts, 1 and 1.5, 1.5 is my recent skills, u will c BIG improvement! so stay tuned!

60% done! looks pretty good, some 3D things and such! ill upload the 2nd part once the 1st is finshed! btw, the 1st part will have PLAY button, SCENE SELECTIONS, and REPLAY button, i got all mistakes from the knuckles vs. Axel fixed! so stay updated!

Emerld Steath

2009-08-23 20:14:18 by kirbyky100

Working progress wit 1st part of Emerld steath....u guys dont knw this cuz i havent posted my 1ST flash here which is the 2nd part.....current progress

Emerld Steath : mayb bout 20% done?

RE-ACTIVATED ACCOUNT AUGUST 12 2009! meanin i created my account in Oct. 08 and nvr used it! well now i knw how to use flash so i will be doing so from now on!